Oct. 22- Day 36 – Sat.

Cracker Barrel to the rescue! I can’t check in until Sunday at 2:00pm so I went looking for the grave of Merriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark Expedition.

He is buried 30 miles away so I thought I’d go find his grave and Monument. Well, that was a bust. GPS took me in a circle. There were no signs but it is clearly marked on the tourist maps!

So after going down some pretty shady roads, I had two different trucks follow me. I turned around when they started gaining on me. I’m not sure if they were caretakers of the grave but he did die under suspicious circumstances and the family want his body exhumed!

Now this is in 1809!! So that’s still an issue today He died of gunshot wounds, 1 to the head and one to the stomach. Thomas Jefferson noted that he was “depressed of the mind.”

So he will have to Rest In Peace on this trip.

Happy trails.

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