NOV 1 – Day 46 Tuesday

Last day the campground is open for the season in the National Forest. The overflow is open for $5 a night with water, trash and bathrooms. So will stay 2 nights.

There is no cell service here even with the booster and Nomad Internet. I will have to wait until Friday to get service after I leave.

There are a lot of hunters here. All in orange with hound dogs hunting Hog bears. They said they are smaller bears and dogs can run for miles, chase them up a tree and then they wait for hunters to find them. Some even wait over night. They communicate with radio trackers and dogs know they will be picked up later.

Lots of howling at night but pretty quiet overall. They leave about 6am and come back around 4pm and dogs aren’t even exhausted! They want to go out again!

It’s a tough life but the hunters use all of the meat. They check the kill out with the game warden and send the bear out of processing. He said it taste like a tougher beef. They make sausage with it and steaks.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, I guess.

Happy trails.

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