NOV. 4 – Day 49 TGIF

Leaving for South Carolina. Have to get out of TN and head to North Carolina first!

Will meet up with Molly today at Lake Jacosee i Salem SC.

Boy was she upset. My bad that my text did not go thru to her for 5 days. She was so worried she called the Highway Patrol in TN, NC and SC looking for me! It wasn’t until I got to Robinsonville TN that I got cell service to call her from a mountaintop senic overlook to explain while I was MIA. Having no phone, no internet and no cell service, i could not contact her to plan out meetup together.

We had planned a campout in Devil’s Fork State Park in Salem SC. We had talked on Sunday night and i had moved to Indian Boundary SP in TN. There i had no cell service.

It was deep into the Tennessee wilderness and it was beautiful with the leaves changing colors.

But it all worked out and we met at the state park, and had a great time camping, despite the rainy weather.

Happy trails.

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