Nov. 6 – Day 51 Sunday

After the waterfall boat ride, we came back to camp and had stirfry. It was really good.

About 4:45pm Molly decides she wants to go for a hike to look for these flowers, that come to find out, only bloom in the Spring.

So we headed out for an easy 1.5 mile loop hike. Note to self: Never start a hike at 5pm. We had not gone but a quarter mile when Molly spots a bear!  We both freeze in our tracks! I said 2 of them!!

So we immediately turned around an Molly started clapping her hands and talking loudly. The bear looked right at us and I saw those eyes!! The second bear was right behind the first.

They say never look at them in the eyes!

So we didn’t run but walked briskly, clapping and talking loudly until we got outta there!

We spotted a ranger who was closing up and told her that we had just run into 2 bears on the trail. She said we did the right thing. Walk slowly, don’t run and talk loudly and clap your hands to make noise.

It worked! We got outta there and went back to camp for wine!

This was not our bear but no time to take pictures. But this was the age and size of our 2 bears.
Yes bears really do shit in the woods.

Happy trails.

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