Dec 17 – Day 92 Sat.

Went to another coin hunt. This time you could use earphones and I brought double batteries!

However halfway through, metal detector start going crazy. It was picking up the signal from all the other metal detectors around me. It would kind of went hay wire the last half hour.

They planted a lot of dimes And those were the hardest to find. Only found a few quarters. Total $4.35.

I’ve got to rethink this investment. lol

It is fun but I think I’m going to have to go out to the gold mines to really score some good stuff.

The metal detecting club has a few gold mines that you can go explore yourself.

May do that this week.

I rode my bike down and it was cold coming back. At least the hunt was at 1 PM and I could ride in the daylight.

Metal detector

Happy trails.

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