Dec 20 – Day 95 Tues.

I drove around today. Went to Ken’s grocery store. This is a discount scratch and dent grocery store and has some great finds. Quartzsite is known for cheap living.

They have a new part called No Drama DOLLAR DEALS. It’s a store that’s full of Makeup, nail polish (.50) and tons of other stuff you can’t live without. Dog toys, tablecloths you name it…all for $1.00.

I got some large elastics to go around my jean pant legs so I can ride my bike so it doesn’t rub the chain.

Lots to do in Quartzsite! The Christmas Dinner is Thursday, Dec 22 at the QIA.

That is the Quartzsite Improvement Association. It’s a huge building in the center of town where they hold functions for the community.

We bought raffle tickets to see if we win a bunch of money that they will hold during the Christmas party for the Quartzsite Roadrunner Gem and Rock Club dinner Thursday.

Lots to do here.

Happy trails.

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