Dec 26 – Day 101 Monday

Still trying to recuperate from eating all that good food yesterday.

Marlene went to her basket making class and I stayed here and dumped my tanks and organize the inside of this camper.

The stuff was piling up on the bed and I had to put it away.

I have a wire wrapping class this week on Wednesday so I will have pictures of my craft.

Molly made it back to South Carolina only to have the battery fail in her door which opens it by a keyfob. It wasn’t the battery in the key fob, It was the battery in the door Lock unit on the door.

Imagine driving 11 hours in the rain and cold only to come home and not be able to get into your apartment.

She had to call the guy when she got there to replace the lock and he had to drill it out because with the dead battery it would not open even manually.

Glad that’s over with and she got in OK.

On another note, All my mail is being returned to sender because this park along with the entire city of Quartsite does not allow mail delivery if you do not have a Post Office Box.

So if you got your card delivered back to you, my apologies.

So far only one Amazon delivery got returned to China.

So I had to order it again and they will not refund my money until China gets it back and clears it with Amazon.

The life of a nomad is not easy.

But I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Happy trails.

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