Dec. 30 – Day 105 TGIF Molly’s birthday!

MOLLY’S BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! You only turn 40 once! Hang on to it!!

I remember my 40th like it was yesterday. I could not believe I was turning 40. I felt 20 in my brain.

Now that I’m up there in years, I see it’s just a number. Gotta keep your brain active to stay young. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

Aunt Molly and grandson Julian (17)

Love these two! Also have a son Jeff who is 41 in PA. Hardly see him but he’s always working. He’s a May birthday! So I had May and December parties!

His prize tractor

Happy birthday Molly!

Birthday girl at the beach.

She’s in Charleston for her birthday. She went to this church for sailors for lunch.

Happy trails.

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