Jan 4 – Day 110 – Weds.

Went to Parker to pick up perscriptions.

Easy in and out. I love staying with the same pharmacy. Love CVS!

They always give you a slew of coupons.

Then headed to Bouse to set up General Delivery mail. The Quartzsite mail person hates out of towners and you have to buy a PO Box for 6 months.

I already have a Post Office Box for a year And a mail forwarding service.

So for general delivery you just have to fill out a form.

However, when I got to Bouse, the post office moved!! Yes totally different address!! So my mail was being returned to sender, or being held in FL at my mail service or in the dead letter section of the PO!

Well guess where my mail was along with my Amazon orders!! On the floor of the new post office! Had all different tracking numbers because it had been rerouted so many times!

I had cancelled some orders because I never received them and two were there and rest were marked as undeliverable and sent back to China!!

I was glad I got my phone case that is magnetic and harder to crack the screen. My glass on the cover has cracked so many times before.

So headed back to camp.

Happy trails.

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