Jan 6 – Day 112 Friday

Well it was a spectacular sunset.

After the gloomy day we had. My solar could not keep the battery topped off.

So wrote my friends on Facebook who are in the Coachmen Beyond Owners Club. They told me the settings to put in the inverter so it likes the the new lithium battery. I have to change settings tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Some one was killed on their bike on the road right by the campground. It was on a very dangerous stretch of Rt 95 heading to Quartzsite by the LVTA’s.

At the very same time there was a young boy 11years old whose family had just arrived and he hoped on his bike and took off. His mother was frantic and was trying to reach him on the phone but it just kept ringing.

Some reports say it was a woman who was killed and other that it was the boy.

I feel bad for both families. I will try to find out more tomorrow. So sad.

Happy trails.

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