Jan 13 – Day 119 TGIF

Broke camp and went to Quiet Times, Which is a local Mail delivery service in Quartzsite.

I was supposed to have an antenna delivered yesterday and so I waited today in case the guy came late. The factory antenna whips when you drive and all my pictures have a antenna in them that I take out the window.

So I go over there today And she looks and looks and can’t find it. So I noticed a tiny little package hiddand I’m and she just kind of pushes them all and glances and says nope it’s not here.

So I did not want to argue with her so she took my name and number and said she would call if it turns up.

So I’m pulling out of the parking lot after going around the block and the phone rings and it’s her saying oops my bad I found it.

So I had to turn around and find another parking spot and go in and she gave it to me and said just sign for it but no charge. They usually charge $3 a package. So she gave me a handful of biscotti and candy bars. Ha Score!

Mr. Stubby the antenna, yes that’s it’s real name

Happy trails.

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