Jan 21 – Day 127 Sat.

Coin hunt in the park today at 1:00pm.

I went to the coin hunt today with my friend, Mark. He has the $1000 unit and he can detect gold. He is hardcore and goes out into the mountains and digs for gold.

I do the cheater way and just swing my metal detector and at the coin hunt I found $7.06 In quarters, dimes and nickels. It was fun.

Mark got a coin with a sticker for a special prize. He took it up to the counter to turn it in, and The lady gave him the wrong price of a silver nugget. So once he told her his number was different they gave him a giant gemstone whirlygig yard stake! He said oh Glamper Jan will love this! He  gave it to me!

Love it! I will put it in front of the gazebo as soon as the wind stops and I can put up the Glam Clam!

Happy trails.

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