Feb. 28 – Day 166 Tuesday

Andy and Haylie

Happy Birthday to dear sweet Andy, My nephew and his beautiful daughter Haylie Kay. Dear Andy passed away after a sudden illness in December.

Haylie turned a beautiful 28 year old In December also.

Slept in the desert last night because it was the last day at this RV park and they were going to charge me $47 to spend the night. I said forget it so went out to the desert and watched a beautiful quiet sunset.

You can’t really see the sunset when you’re crammed in between big RV’s at an RV park. But it is nice to stay here when you have electric and you can run your heater even though I do have a furnace in the Van That runs on electric and propane.

Back to the RV park tomorrow because the snow is coming to the desert!

Happy trails.

1 Comment

  1. No kidding about the snow. The weather where we are on the east side of Phoenix has been colder and wetter than normal and it did snow here the other night. The Superstition Mountains that we can see from our RV are covered in snow.


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