April 6 Day 203 Thursday

Traveled to Los Algodones Mexico. 29 miles from here.

Walked right into the gate and hardly any cars in the parking lot. Myra brought Her handicap sticker so we got right up front.

Getting blessed

We ate dinner there at a nice restaurant that she frequents and has never gotten sick. What food was delicious in the guy played the guitar? She asked him for La Bomba and he played it.

Then a missionary came up to her and said he was taking it collection for little kids at the missions and she talked to him quite a while and asked. Him for a blessing. He had a bottle of oil around his neck and blessed her with it on her forehead.

She knows her way around shopping I hate to shop so getting bombarded by vendors made me have a panic attack. I had to get back on the open part of the sidewalk.

I got sick of saying No Gracis. Little kids coming up begging for you to by their magnets of painted rocks.

I with their government would help them and not cater to the cartels.

Anyway, it was a good trip.

Happy trails.

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