April 16 Day 213 Sunday

Crazy weather day! High winds all around Texas and Oklahoma. Left out 10 o’clock and headed to Route 40.

The GPS said that there was closures around Indianapolis and they were detouring me to 44. Well that is a lot colder and when you’re going through northern Oklahoma to Tulsa onto Joplin.

Well winds are high everywhere so I got time to sit them out. Drove straight to Tulsa. Stop at a Cracker Barrel. Usually they are very lit up and nice with special RV spots in the back. I have stated others before but this one had an open dumpster that the bums were going through. They even had to Label their trash cans non-edible. Isn’t that sad?

Nobody wants to do anything for themselves anymore. That’s why I prefer that solitude of the desert.

Anyway my instinct told me to get out of there and I found a Camping World three minutes away. So I’m waiting out this wind in the parking lot.

free hookups, dump and water

I think I’ll journey on to Joplin tomorrow. Maybe hit a state park or 2.

Still expecting rain and snow at the lake Tuesday and Wednesday with a low of 38.

Where’s Spring?

Happy trails.

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