April 18 Day 215 Tues

A little windy today, it’s supposed to get to 30 miles an hour. So I moved up so I’m not under this big tree branch that keeps dipping.. But now i’m not level.

I will wait till blows over tomorrow and move back enter my level spot about ten feet away.

Sunshine and it’s a nice breeze and it’s about 70°.. I’ll take it! By looking at the weather forecast in Saint Louis looks like I’ll be driving through rain for several hours..

Another beautiful day in Oklahoma

Going to have some leftover pasta trying to clean out the freezer. I’m on the downhill stretch. When I get back to the lake I end up having to defrost the refrigerator and freezer. Not looking forward to that.

Looking forward to sitting on the porch and watching the sunset. Although it is not like Arizona sunsets at least I can see it every night.

Happy trails.

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