May 5 – 6 TGIF Cinco de Mayo

Heading to West Chester for the weekend. It was at a Premier Shooting and Training Center. They just opened and had a Huge parking lot that wasn’t being used and they invited the girl campers to spend a few nights and then have a shooting lesson.

We got there on Cinco de Mayo and they had a really nice bistro speakeasy called Tommie’s. It was named for the owner’s mother.

Area by the pond

We had awesome burritos from MeBurrito restaurant. Huge and delicious! It took up the entire plate!

Saturday morning we got up and took a safety lesson and went to the range. Those of us that did not have a gun, rented one and purchased the ammo.

I did pretty well with the 9 mm. However, I don’t think I will be packing soon because it had a kick when it fired. It scared me. I will probably be getting a smaller one that fits my hand.

I did shoot the center out of the bullseye and it was just hanging by a little paper.

Annie Oakleys

After shooting, we ate again from a food truck that came and it was delicious also. We watched the Kentucky Derby and of course had a party complete with big hats.

Very fun weekend. A special thanks to Kellie and crew at Premier and to our Hostess, Raymer Waters.

Happy trails.

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