May 10 – Weds.

I’m still cleaning out the van so I can take it into the dealership. And have the awning replaced on Friday.

It turned out to be a beautiful day so I’m going to finish my weed whacking and try to set my cameras backup. I disconnected it because the torrential rain in Cincinnati fogged up the camera And it was very blurry.

I put it in a bag of rice and it seemed to try it out pretty good. We shall see.

Well the camera is toast. It did come on but it won’t connect to the Wi-Fi here and it won’t scan the code in to get it to connect. I looked at the paperwork and it says it’s an indoor camera oops.

I guess I will have to get an outdoor camera and find one that can stick on the side of the Van like this one did.

Mine is a little beige one in the middle of a 2 big giant ones.

Happy trails.

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