May 15 – Monday

Well I picked the Prius from Storage. The guy had never stored a Prius before And didn’t understand that they don’t make any noise because they’re electric when the idle. The gas engine kicks in when it needs to but normally it’s silent.

He thought it was off and stored it that way for 9 months. I told him to take the negative cable off of it and it would be fine. But he moved it and didn’t take the cable back off and so the starting battery was dead.

So since it’s under a warranty I took it back to Advanced Auto Parts. They were awesome and thanked me for being truthful with them. It was a $250 battery and they And could not order a new one because it wasn’t even on there list. I’ve had the jump it ever since I got home. They were very nice and. exchanged it for one that was compatible.

I did buy a maintainer and that way it would not ever happened again.

It runs great now and I actually got to go to the grocery store.

Every place I went, I had to leave it running. Then the key fob battery went dead. So it was a series of misfortunate happenings. I couldn’t even go to the store to buy that. I ended up getting a new battery for the key fob also.

So it’s all good all the way around now.

Thank you Advanced Auto Parts in Port Clinton!

Happy trails.

up at the dealer

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