May 22 – Monday

Spent the night in the van at Delaware State Park with Molly.

Had a little campfire. There were some kind of giant bugs that were dive bombing us and they sounded like drones. They were like June bugs on steroids.

So we only stayed out there till about 10:30.

Got up in the morning and then she drove back to Dublin to work this week.

I went on back to the Lake. The porch was covered in midges. Those annoying little mosquitoes that are like baby Canadian soldiers. That is what we call the big ones.

midges covering neighbors golf cart

Happy trails.


  1. Hi Jan, I returned from MBI last Saturday (doctor’s appointments, etc. this week). The midges started last week on MBI. The Mayflies are next. I think because the area had such a mild winter, we are going to see much more midges and Mayflies this year. The flowers are blooming earlier as well.
    Port Clinton has a retail thrift shop that sells used items and furniture. I quit donating to Goodwill, and donate to this shop or to the St. Vincent dePaul Thrift shop that’s near Reynoldsburg.
    Check this place out:


    1. thanks Maureen. I don’t like donating the goodwill either because they don’t treat their employees very well and I was looking for a place closer to Tennessee with the Tornado. victims.
      Thanks for letting me know about the thrift shop in Port Clinton.. I will head over there..
      Yes we have the midges here they are terrible.
      I sprayed peppermint oil all over the porch and they all went away so I think that is a good solution.
      I’ve gotta get upstairs and go through stacks of fabric.
      Take care.


      1. Portage Resale Center, they are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. All proceeds benefit non-profits in Ottawa County. 3260 E. State Road, Port Clinton, OH 43452. 419-732-1780. They take furniture, clothing, household goods.


      2. Yes, I know. That’s where I’m taking the stuff.. I don’t know why that text came through.
        With car retail.
        I think it meant to say called Portage retail. Thanks.


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