Tales from the Open Road

My journey began on November 22nd 2017. Since it was before Thanksgiving, I made Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before for my son and daughter. Since they are in their thirties, it was a casual dinner.

The next week, I locked up the house and headed out. My first stop was Bowling Green, Kentucky. Since I was headed to Arizona, I wasn’t on any timetable and only liked to drive a few hours and then stop for the night. It had gotten very late, so I pulled into the designated RV sites at the Cracker Barrel in Bowling Green.

I buttoned up the curtain surround on the windows of my Class C camper. I was happy that I had parked right next to another Class C. I settled in for the night.

I got a wake up call at 5:00am to the rumbling of a semi out my window. Seems like Cracker Barrel gets their deliveries in the morning. The deliveryman idled for one hour until 6am when the manager opened up and accepted the delivery. As I listen to the crates being unloaded down the ramp I decided I wasn’t going to get any more sleep so I packed up. As I started to head out I realized I could not get out because the semi had blocked me in. So I made coffee and waited until he left and then headed to Nashville.

I managed to hit Nashville right at morning Rush Hour. It wasn’t too bad because the highway was well-marked.

I continued on and headed to Alabama where I immediately came across and accident where a car was on it’s top with wheels up. Seems like a girl was texting, lost control hit a freeway sign in flipped. She was all right because she was standing next to the car texting. That is a cautionary tale to don’t text and drive. Hopefully, she was okay when the paramedics got there.

It makes you think about how precious life is and to be aware of it every second. My Mantra is Be Here Now.

So until next time, happy trails!


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