Lost Things

Doesn’t that make you mad when you misplace things? It’s a different story when you know something should be there and when it’s not it goes in that lost category.

I love my leaf blower. It cleans my patio, the front porch and the driveway. It takes me about 10 minutes and it’s wonderful when it’s down and all the tree debris is blown away.

Imagine how upset I was when I looked in the familiar spot where I keep it in the garage and it wasn’t there. Total dismay came over me. I can’t imagine where it would be. I always put it back when I’m done with it in the same place. Then I tried to think hard on when I used it last. I normally use it everyday but since we have a cardinal nesting in my fake Fern on the front porch, I hadn’t been sweeping that because it’s scared her and me when she flies out of the nest right by the front door.

I vaguely remember putting it on the front porch getting ready to blow it when my tree guy came and said he wanted to take down two huge trees. I got sidetracked with him and never went back to it. I thought I put it back in the garage and and I went out to help the tree guys.

I was waiting on my cousin to come and drop some t-shirts off for a t-shirt quilt I’m making for her daughter is graduating this year and I left the garage door open between 4 p.m. and about 7:30 p.m. . When I went out in the morning to use the leaf blower it was gone. So either somebody walked in the garage in that time frame and stole it or they took it the previous day.

We have a local police department and I called them to report the theft. They had just apprehended a stolen car that was filled with stolen items but my leaf blower was not in the car.

I’m just watching the tree debris and leaves pile up on the patio and the driveway and I’m out there with my broom cursing the villain who stole my beloved leaf blower. You Know Who You Are. Please return it because my sanity is at stake.

Funny how you wouldn’t need a leaf blower if you lived in a motorhome.

I can’t wait to move into mine.

Until next time, happy trails.

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