Locked and loaded

I thought when I had this Vision a year ago that this would be very easy to pack up 33 years of stuff, three bedrooms full of furniture, a basement and a sewing room with four machines and two sergers.

I have streamlined my plan. I rented a pod called a GoMini. This is something that you pack your stuff in, let it sit on your driveway till you open up the doors 55,000 times and realize you don’t need all that crap anyways. So I’m downsizing the pod as I’m moving things into the garage.

I got a 16 foot pod because I didn’t think the 12-foot would hold all my crap. I was right. It is packed to the gills and somehow they miraculously put it on a flatbed truck and we’ll haul it off to wherever you want it to go.

In my case it is Lakeside Marblehead Ohio area up on Lake Erie. I’m hoping to be there soon as the house sells as I am living out of a Rubbermaid tote right now because I have to keep the house immaculate for a showings. That is so hard to do remembering to put your toothpaste in your hair brush away every time you use it. Not to mention every pot and pan you use has to be washed right away and restacked in the box along with all the food. In my case, it’s chips and salsa. My staple meal.

I will miss the She Shed as she is looking better and better with her newly stained outside and steps.

I won’t miss the hickory nuts falling on my head or the lawn mowing.

I always listen to rap when I was mowing the grass. It seemed to make me mow faster and it’s amazing what those guys can rhyme words with.

The realtor supposed to post the sign in the yard today so my fingers are crossed this goes quick.

Once I get to Lake Erie in my Park Model which will be my home base, I will be truly trailer trash. From November to April is travel time in the She Shed with wheels.

The lake house will be from April to November before the northeasterly winds kick in.

So for now it’s trying to find out what the heck I did with my purse among all the boxes!

Till next time, happy trails!

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