Day 13 Dec 14 Chinese Dinner

Since I wrote the blog before we had the dinner, I know I left you hanging.

The last night, day 13, the whole park, or as many people as we could get rides for, headed to the Chinese restaurant in Deming.

The portions were enormous and everyone warned us that we would be eating for the next 2 days! They weren’t kidding. Here is a picture of my cashew chicken and white rice. It was a huge portion and delicious!

The vegetable egg rolls were fantastic… I ordered one and they brought 4 for $2 95!

I did bring the rest of it home and will eat that while watching General Hospital, (my guilty pleasure).

While cleaning up the waiter grabbed a bunch of plates, And the rice bowl landed on my shoe. But I didn’t care because it was so good. Now my shoe has a strange looking pattern on it.

I will definitely go again on next road trip night.

Last night was the coldest night here. It was 20 degrees.

My water filter didn’t fare too well. At least the ice stopped at the pressure fitting! Note the ice oozing out the top!

Tonight I will unhook the hose.😜

Happy trails!


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