Day 12 – Dec 13 Chinese Food Road Trip

When you stay and an RV park, you have to look at the activity schedule. Last night was social hour, a card game called Hand and Foot and an open jam session.

The social hour usually has about 6 people attending. I claimed it was 5 o’clock somewhere and opened the bottle of wine. Justine and I walked over to the open jam session which looked a little more interesting than a complicated card game called Hand and Foot. The people around the card table looked pretty intense and gave me impression they didn’t want any newbies.

So we walked into the additional area that was set up with a guitar, microphones, some amps and a tambourine. Pretty soon, another couple showed up with his guitar and they gave him a chair and he started to play with them.

The couple that played were very good and said they had played in Branson, Missouri before. He kind if looked like David Crosby of Crosby, Stills Nash and Young. He and his wife had really good voices. The 2nd guy that sat down played a mean guitar also.

So Justine, who told me she was afraid of microphones, quickly went up and joined in after a few songs.

They played Hang On Sloopy and of course, I had to sing the O-H-I-O part. Most of the people were from New York and looked at me like I was crazy.

The night ended with a brisk walk back to the camper in the dark with 40mph winds blowing at our backs.

The rest of the night the wind really picked up and I thought I was gonna be sucked out of the bed on the slide out.

In the morning, the sun was out and there’s a light breeze.

It’s good be in the desert in December. Now on to the Chinese Dinner Road Trip later tonight.

Happy trails.



  1. Sounds like quite an adventure! My mother played Hand and Foot a lot. I never learned how to play it.

    I wondered if you would run into weather when you were out there. There is a front that is moving West to East with high winds starting tomorrow, and more rain to Georgia, NC and Florida. Good thing you didn’t go South!

    Not sure if you remember her, but Jayne Barr Condo, DeSales Class of 1967, passed away on Tuesday. Her obit is in the Columbus Dispatch today as well as the Egan-Ryan Funeral home website.

    I remember Jayne from high school. I was a volunteer with her with the Women’s Board League Against Child Abuse in the early 90s. She was married to Tony Condo, who also went to DeSales with us. They eventually divorced.

    Love getting the updates from you.



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