Monday Night Dinner – Day 9

I finally got around to finding where I put my butane stove. I could have used the propane stove but the tank is only have full so the butane one so easy to use I thought I would make some rice on it.

I had made some chicken breast in the crock pot yesterday and shredded it; half of it was barbecue, half of it was regular.

So I dragged the stove outside.

(This photo is of the hamburger I made Saturday night but you get the idea).

So I made rice and of course I got side tracked and start messing with the bike rack. Which made the rice overflow and I had to clean up the stove. But it’s great when you make a mess outside … paper towels are your friend.

So I cleaned it all up, drug it inside, spruced it up with some soy sauce, added the chicken and I thought I was back at Sunflower! NOT!

The cowboy hat stopper was purchased in Nashville last week. Yee haa!

It was 57 today and sunny but a little wind. Nights are about 33゚ which is fine thanks to my electric mattress pad from Aldi’s.

Have a great week and happy trails.


1 Comment

  1. Jan,

    Send photos of the area where you are camping. Are there mountains and beautiful sunsets? It has been brutally cold here, it’s supposed to warm up to 47 later this week. Love your blog and hearing about your adventures.



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