Day 3 Dec. 4 Tuesday

Don’t worry, you did not miss any days. I got a late start in writing this blog and mostly day 1 and 2 were all driving days.

I did get a great surprise on Day 3 when I pulled into the Santa Rosa, New Mexico Pilot station. They have gas stations called Flying J’s.

I pulled in and parked next to a brand new school bus that I guess they were storing there until it got its new driver take it to its next destination. I like to park in the front to avoid the idling semi-trucks in the truck stop area.

When I was putting up the front window curtain in the cab, I noticed a white Roadtrek van way off by itself by the propane tanks.

I knew I had seen that van before on a YouTube channel that I follow. So I got online and pulled up a picture to make sure it was right van and sure enough it was!

Now this wasn’t just any white van, nor any YouTuber. This was Tom from HOBOTECH!!! I have been following him since he started creating great travel videos on YouTube. He travels, along with his cat named Odin, to all the places I long to see in the future.

He lived in Los Angeles and worked in Silicone Valley in the computer industry and gave it up to travel and not be a slave to the Man. Like me. Ha

He does not glamorize living in your van. Tells it like it is and always has an interesting story. So now back to my tale…

I had found his email address on the notes to his YouTube channel and sent him an email to tell him that I was in the same parking lot as him and could I come over and meet him. He wrote back right away and said sure come on over.

Well, I didn’t stick around to read the email, I was busy putting my shoes on to head over with a slice of pizza and a pen that I have with my email address on from my embroidery hobby.

I walked over and he hopped out of the van and said Hi how are you doing! He was so gracious and I was so star struck that I just kinda fumbled around with my words. I told him I’d been following him for a long time on line and he said yes, I know you comment on my channel and you’ve been with me for a long time. I was thrilled to hear that because the Internet is such a vast place that you don’t think nobody cares about your 2 cents in the comments section. But he does read all his comments.

He said the hardest part about having the YouTube channel is the editing which takes hours and it shows because he always comes out with a great finished product.

I offered him the pizza but he said no he had a burger waiting for him. Tom, I am so sorry I interrupted your dinner, but it was sure worth my trip across the parking lot!

He let me take a picture of him and Odin, I gave him a pen and he even mentioned me in his next video!

What a nice guy. He gave me a HOBOTECH bumper sticker along with a SASNAK bumper sticker from Stan the trucker from his SASNAK channel.

You meet the nicest people on the road. And sometimes even stars.

Thank you, Tom and Odin

Odin, his Master Cat


  1. Jan, I’m so glad you sent me this link. I have been thinking about you. Did you get your house sold? Are you in Arizona now?

    I”m having Bob and Marsha North, Bob Gale, Greg and Margaret Mosure Butler and Jeff and Kathie Puskac Christman here for dinner on December 29. We try to get together during the holidays.

    Kathie, Margaret and I had lunch with Father Missimi about two week ago. His health has improved and his looks good. He is 82 years young.

    Do you remember Vince Margello? He went to grade school with me at St. Augustine. At DeSales, Vince was expelled by Father Berendt at the end of his freshman year. He graduated from Linden McKinley. He attended the Friday night mixer at our 50th reunion. Well, I ran into him at a tailgate party at an OSU football game, and again last week at a holiday party. I hadn’t seen Vince since 1965, and then I see him three times this year!! It turns out that my brother, Paul, coached his daughters in track when they were at Watterson. Small world.

    Keep the blog updated. Love reading it.



    1. Yes I remember Vince well and ran into him on Friday night at the reunion. Say Hi to Bob and Marsha for me. Tell Bob Gale that I gave my amaryllis plants to Mickey Whaley to babysit them. Ha
      I will keep in touch I’m in Deming New Mexico now for a month and then will head out to Quartszite on Jan 4. Then after that I will just knock around out west.
      I bought the New Mexico state pass so I can get in to some of the parks with electric for around $14 a night. House closing is supposed to be December 21st so I’ll keep you posted. Take care and happy trails.


    1. Hey girl I found a got around to writing that only 5 days old! I started cleaning at this camp are and there’s not too much exciting about that to write about! Love your blog!


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