First Leg of Glamperjan’s Western Adventure

As fate would have it, I did not get to leave on Saturday December 1st. I picked that day because it seemed like it would be easy to journal… Day #1 would be December 1st etc.

But I spent December 1st with my good friends Peggy and Jill and my daughter Molly discussing our recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

Last February Peggy and I sat in on a very boring condo presentation to win a 3 day 2 night trip to a destination in the US. It had so many stipulations that it could not be 7 days before after a holiday, had to be planned 60 days ahead a time, and they picked the times that you could go.

We settled on Nashville Tennessee and set out to squeeze out another day of our Mini November vacation.

So we left Wednesday through Saturday and stayed at 3 different hotels. It all worked out as we Uber’d all around the NashVegas strip.

It’s called Broadway Blvd. right by the Ryman theater.

The color of every neon light was on display. The majority of the country stars have their spin on their own bars down there. We went to Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge bar. Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey bar And John Rich’s from Big & Rich Redneck Riveria bar. A sad excuse for a Jimmy buffet bar.

Even hit up Blake Shelton’s place, Ole Red.

It was right across the street from that annoying Kid Rock’s place which was so loud you couldn’t even hear yourself speak when you walked in.

There was a big controversy because Kid Rock was named the Grand Marshal of the Nashville Christmas parade. The Mayor was so upset because he felt Kid Rock did not represent the wholesomeness of Nashville and refused to attend the parade.

It rained the entire day so I guess Kid Rock got his day in the spotlight.

We headed home Saturday had a nice pizza party at Molly’s. We all said our good byes and I left around 2 o’clock on Sunday, December 2nd. Now I’m all screwed up on my days that I’ve been gone. Lol Dec. 2 is really Day #1. Ha

The journey continues in my next update as soon as I find my calendar.

Happy trails.


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