A year later…

It was November 22nd 2017 when I started on my journey and my new Class C camper.

I’m from Ohio where the snow was flying and I knew that I wanted to be some place warm and see a blue sky.

On this Thanksgiving night 2018, I’m thinking one year ago, I was in my camper in Bowling Green Kentucky at the Cracker Barrel spending my 1st night on the road. I had gotten a late start and so didn’t put in as many miles as I wanted to that 1st day on the road.

This year I met my son’s farm in Pennsylvania with my grandson. It’s a nice visit but I’m ready to hit the road again. I am longing for the quietness of the desert, the blueness of the sky and especially the warmer climate.

I am thankful for the beautiful sunsets that I get to see randomly. Tonight was extra special. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Next post will be from the road on my quest to head West!

Happy trails!


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