Moving Day for the Piano

After 33 years of my piano, a Cable and Sons baby grand, sitting in the corner of my great room, it is finally on its last trip out the door.

My daughter is an interior designer in Downtown Columbus and thought it would be great in their office. So she arranged for movers to come today, dodging the raindrops, and moved it via their freight elevator and put it in their office. I’d say it was a great decision. It even matches their chandeliers.

So happy that they can use it and it helped me clear the space for my move. I now have a big corner that I haven’t seen in 33 years! Does that mean I have to start dusting back there? Hopefully, not very long. The house is on the market and would love to pass it on to someone who will love and care for it as our family has.

Now on to my garage to go through the piles out there. I have more than three of the basic donate, keep or sell. I’ve added well maybe I’ll need that in the next month or so along with oh that’s too good to throw out. And the ever-popular oh that’s too good to donate, I’ll just keep it pile.

I think I’m going to start with the donate pile first and shovel it all in that pile. Then I’m going to have a glass of wine.

Happy trails.

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