Day 13 – Dec 14 Friday

Well Friday night was road trip night to the St. Clair winery. A little ways out of town but Jodi had her big Ram pick up truck and we headed out that way with Justine and some fellow RVers.

It’s very dark out in the middle of the desert in New Mexico. So finding our way to the winery was an adventure in itself. We came across a long road with lots of lights and an unlit sign and figured that was it.

Had a 3-piece jazz band, rhythm guitar, girl lead singer and a lead guitar. The girl sounded just like Linda Ronstadt, really good.

The wine flights worked out that you got two free ones and then after that you got 6 tastings for $10. But they were like 2 tablespoons if wine, but just enough to ask yourself if you’d like it or not.

Local Reisling was really good.

I splurged for New Year’s Eve in Yuma and got the New Mexico D.H.Lescombes Brut champagne. Lisa and Kevin, here I come, armed and dangerous!

Today is laundry day so I’ll try out the new washing machine. Reviews in the next post.

Happy trails.


    1. I should have said Ramblin Rileys! I’ll give you a shout out in the next entry. Got side tracked with picking up prescriptions and having started laundry yet this is not a good sign. Ha


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