Day 18 – Dec 19 Weds. already?

Time sure flies when you doing nothing. Keeping up with these blogs gives me a job out here.

Going to mail brother Bob’s birthday card so I hope he gets it by the 23rd! Everything slows down in the desert.

I had gone with a camping neighbor to pick up her dog at the groomers which is called Sunshine Groomers and is adjacent to a place called DAGSHIP Deming animal guardians sunshine haven intake project.

Well, I should have never went inside. The curator Mike goes to the Deming animal shelter and looks for the dogs and cats that are on death row that are supposed to be euthanize to the next day. He came back with 9 of them. One of which was a little guy they called Ryder because he rode so well in the car.

That did it for me because I knew I’d be in my camper until April and I needed a chill dog to be in the passenger seat.

He was so calm and let all the other dogs jump on him and never barked.

So I just had to have him that’s so I went back on Thursday after thinking about it for a few days and got him.

He has been the best little dog and people in the park fell in love with him.

DAGSHIP is all run by Donations and volunteers. They would greatly appreciate it if you would check out their Facebook page and send whatever donations you could afford and supplies.

I gave them a big bag of towels and rags because they’re always washing dogs.

He’s turned out to be a really good dog.

Glad I could help.

Until next time, see you on the road. Happy trails!

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