Day 21 – Dec 22 Saturday

Super Moon Saturday!

Last night, it was very bright! A billion stars and I’m little bit cloudy. I’m hoping for clearer skies tonight.

It’s a little bit warmer too. Was 28゚ last night!

It was 67゚today and it’s supposed to get cool again tonight.

Went to tractor supply and got Ryder a dog bed, a new harness since he chew through the one that they gave him at the rescue.

Then while I have him on the tieout rope to my lawn chair, I went inside for 2 minutes to bring out the finger nail polish remover and by that time the rope was laying there and he had chewed through the rope to the leash!

Thank God he didn’t run of off! I swear it was 20 seconds!

So Justine took the leash apart and fixed it and no sooner did he have it on when he chewed through another section!! Argh!

So I went with my heavy duty one and will not take my eyes off him for a minute while hes tied stationary! He is about as bad as a toddler! Ha

But once he got settled, he played real well outside.

Hopefully, the warm weather tired him out! It did me!

Happy birthday tomorrow brother Bob!

You got your very own Sunday! Love Jan

Happy Trails!


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