Day 20 – Dec 21 Friday

Well I had the closing on the house yesterday. I no longer reside at Merwin Road. After 33 years, I am not looking back.

Molly thought it be a good idea to name Ryder Merwin since I got him the same day as the closing. When I kept thinking, if I ever get mad at him, Merwin sounds kind of wimpy.

So I stuck with Ryder.

He did much better tonight with getting up at 5:00 a.m. letting me sleep for 8. Seems like he likes the night light when he played with the ball a while until he fell asleep again. He is a self-soothing dog and a real sweetie.

He’s out like a light!

Hopefully, he starts a nice trend of short naps during the day and sleeping all night!

We shall see!

Happy trails.

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