Days 33-38 Womans RTR in Bouse AZ

This is a 4-day event before the regular rubber tramp rendezvous (RTR) in Quartzsite AZ.

Whenever you get 200 women in the desert, it either turns out to be a giant therapy session or a bitch fest.

It was about 50/50.

They had classes about astrology, how to remain clean in the desert, how to read maps, an art camp and “rainbow camp”.

There were way too many rules and a Gestapo woman who drove around on her green motorcycle with a German shepherd in the side car. I thought I was in post war Germany.

She yelled at everyone who looked at her dog wrong. And God forbid if you tried to pet him.

I was walking past her with Ryder and she asked me to please walk around the motorcycle. So the dog and its owner definitely had issues.

Myra’s Subaru.

I did meet a great gal name Myra from Chandler AZ who was camping in her Subaru.

She had a nice little tent set up on the side and her French press for coffee. One morning she got up and was stumbling around in the dark her foot hit the French press in it shattered in a million pieces. I offered coffee the next morning and we both drank some outside.

She was a shining light in that sea of crazy women.

She was parked in the wash and was scared that the rain would come and wash her away.

It only drizzled and she was fine.

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