Day 41,42,43 – Jan 11,12,13

When you’re doing nothing, time flies. Half the time I don’t know what day it is let alone the date. When you’re camping, nobody cares what day it is.

Friday, there was a budget seminar. All about using Excel and trying to stay organized with regard to expenses.

I’m trying to be good about writing them down. Especially the gas receipts. I use a program called Fuelio. It keeps track of my mileage and gas costs.

Saturday was the solar seminar. I made the squash that Lisa gave me and I put syrup on it. It was good!

Sunday was the boondocking seminar with Carolyn’s RV Life from YouTube fame. Really good.

Boondocking is what it is called when you don’t have services such as electricity, water and sewer hookups. That’s what I am doing in the desert and at the RTR.

I rely on my solar for power and generator on cloudy days. I will be running the generator tomorrow because it is pouring down rain now!

Happy trails.

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