Day 44 – Jan. 14 Monday

It was a cloudy but warm day today.

The seminar today was all about your favorite kitchen gadget. Pretty interesting stuff. Ha

Ovens and burners of every type and size. It’s amazing what you can make when you have the right tools.

I am trying to downsize so I’m giving a lot of my stuff away. They have a giant free pile here all organized into housewares, clothing and tools. Found a pair dog clippers in the dog pile.

I gave them a bunch of clothes and a pair of shoes.

Saw Hobotech on his electric bike and got on his video on you tube. He said I was his biggest fan. Ha

Neighbor brought over a baked potato today that he made on the camp fire. Double wrapped in aluminum foil and he put a onion in the center of it. It was good. I had the sour cream.

Then a Dutch photographer came by and wanted to take pictures of Ryder. So I said yes and she had lots of questions about RV life.

She was from a Holland newspaper. She told me it would be a few weeks before it would be available and she would send me a copy via email.

She took a ton of pictures of the camper too so it should be pretty interesting. Ha

She had a very Dutch name Alaina or something.

Never know who you gonna meet when you’re camping.

Happy trails.

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