Day 65 – Feb. 4 Mon.

Cold and windy and 62゚.

No cell service even with the We Boost. Antenna signals just bounces off the rocks.

Japanese couple came up and start asking me how long I had been there. They had 2 young boys probly 12 and 7 with a basketball. The couple took off and start walking and left the boys with me. They played soccer the whole time they were gone and till about a 1/2 hour later they said we’re gonna look for our mom.

Who does that? Just leaves their boys with a total stranger? They went to a top of a rock And started yelling Mom! Mom! NO answer.

So I took the dog and walked down the trail a little ways and Saw this little dot in the middle of this giant canyon. I remember she had a big brimmed hat on and I saw something that look like that so I walk back down the trail and told the boys that she heard them and she was coming up.

I told them to go around other side of this big rock and they could see her.

They were really scared.

She and her husband/boyfriend we’re gonna long time.

The trail. I was afraid to take their picture because I didn’t want to think I was stalking them or a pervert.

Shortly after, this nice family showed up With their Japanese flags and the cutest little boys they were so happy to be there waving their flags.

I’m sure their parents would have never left them behind.

Never know what you’re gonna find in the rocks.

Happy trails.

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