Day 66 – Feb 5 Tues.

60゚ very windy. Headed to Boreggo Srings, California. There they have a state park called Anzo Broeggo State Park.

There is a section that is privately owned and this guy created all these iron structures that are just beautiful.

I think there’s a 160 of them. Goes on for miles.

The coolest ones were the serpentins and the mastodons.

Even every eyeball had eyelashes.

It stretches across the road to the other side.

The detail is remarkable.

Very cool.

There’s a whole section on wine growers and the wine pickers.

Look at those clippers. These guys are stringing the vines.

I only saw about 1/3 of the rest of these but there were sheep horses, camels, bears. All meticulously welded.

Definitely, a wonder of the world.

Happy trails.

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