Day 67 – Feb 6 Weds.

It was so windy at my campsite that I had to move because you couldn’t even open the door. The lawn chair blew away and so did my tray of cheese and crackers.

So I broke camp and went to the ranger station and ask if they had another site that wasn’t right at the bottom of the mountains and had electricity. They had one site. I said I’ll take it.

There is practically no wind in the electric sites and it worked out great however, it was only available for one night. So that meant I had to break camp in the morning, cross my fingers that there was another opening and I could get another site down in this section with electricity.

Ranger came around and put a sign with someone else’s name on my campsite so I knew I had to move. I ask him when do they open and he said 10:30. So I had an hour to kill so I made pancakes and put a ton in the freezer.

I like to bake and so when I have electricity.

I walked down to this ranger station and they had one site left and it was available for 2 days I said I’ll take it.

So I don’t have to break camp again until Friday morning. Ryder found a new friend in the camp host here. She thought he was the cutest, nicest dog. She kept him company the whole time I was doing the paperwork to get this new site. It was a $10 upgrade a night but well worth it. I got water electricity and a dump station. It’s what us campers call “full hookups”.

Worked out great we drove around looked at some more sculptures and set up camp.

Moon over the Chateau.

Happy trails.

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