Day 68-69 – Feb 7-8 Thurs. & Fri

Left Borrego Springs. Beautiful state park with tons of iron sculptures on private land that they allow people to drive up to to view.

Drove through some beautiful desert scenery.

The visitor center is underground at the Anza Borrego State Park.

Passed the Salton Sea.

Heading to American Girl mine and Salvation Mountain, you go through some beautiful sand dunes of Imperial and a tiny town if Glamis.

An ATVer’s heaven.

Thought I was in Saudi Arabia.

Salvation Mountain is a trip. Far Out Man.

It was created by a sculptor named Leonard Knight. It was a fascinating acid trip.

Didn’t go to Slab City, but here is a few of their occupants. I don’t know why anyone would want to camp there. Very scary.

Happy Trails.

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