Day 72 – Feb 11 Mon.

I was wondering why the solar panel was not generating any juice. Positive Terminal was hanging off of it and became unattached to the charge controller.

So I got the screwdriver out and put it back on.

Then I go out to change it to the other battery and the negative one is hanging off of it. So I have to go back in the drawer get the screwdriver and put it back on. It’s working great now.

However, when I open the drawer put screwdriver back, it wouldn’t close. Argh!

Now I have to get the screwdriver, crawl underneath the drawer and pop a little latch, which holds the drawer in place, and pop it back out.

So one chore always leads to another.

100 watt solar panel

Washed my jeans today in the washing machine. Took them about 2 seconds to dry it’s so windy and dry out here.

I will leave American Girl Mine tomorrow and head in to Yuma Arizona.

I will miss this view.

Sand dunes on the other side.

Sand dunes.

So quiet out here except for the buzzing flies.

Happy trails.

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