Day 73 – Feb. 12 Tues.

Packed up from American Girl Mine and headed to Yuma, Arizona.

Gonna hook back up with the Rambling Rileys, who are staying in Yuma at a campground.

I swung into Walmart to resupply and I got here about 10:30. I lost now are going 27 miles. On Pacific time at American Girl Mine and now we’re on Mountain time in Arizona.

It still feels like 8:00 p.m. when it’s only 5:00 here.

I made chicken wings and legs in the crock pot. Since there was barbecue sauce on them, I Got the bright idea to put them in a Pan and fry it to make them look grilled. Epic fail! They all fell apart into a heap of bones and chicken and skin so I spent the next hour scraping off the bottom of a burned Pan and deboning all the legs and wings. So I’ll have chicken tacos tonight I guess.

Happy trails.

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