Day 74- Feb 13 Weds.

Almost Valentine’s Day.

Got some Amazon packages and Lisa and I took the truck and went to the green store. It’s this little cheap store that has all kinds of food and some produce and the pop is all a dime a can.

I got some oatmeal in individual packs that called overnight oatmeal and you’re supposed to put milk in it put in the fridge and in the morning it’s made. So I bought some coconut milk for a buck and gonna try it.

Starting to drizzle just a little so I’m gonna set up the printer the see if it works now that I have electricity in this campground.

Campground theme is old Route 66 with lots old cars and gas signs.

Pretty neat.

He did chew up his bed again while I was gone, so I have to sew that again.

Third time! Even got him a special to bone there was supposed to keep him busy for hours could you hide a piece of bacon treat in it. I think it lasted 2 minutes the rest the time I was bored and decided it chow on his bed! Next time I leave, I’m going to take a pad out of the bottom of it create.

Knows he did wrong. Lol

Remnants of the brown bath towel did he chewed and the white bath rug that he chewed.

Now I know he doesn’t need anything to sit on in the crate while I’m gone.

So we’ll see how he does when we go to Mexico.

Happy trails.


  1. Maureen, I did Route 66 last year. It is really old route 40 . Most of the places are shut down And not accessible. Nomadic fanatic on YouTube did the whole route from Santa Monica pier to Chicago. It’s a great playlist and he really goes into depth as to what he saw. Check him out. Thanks.


  2. Jan, Send photos as you drive along Route 66. I would love to drive Route 66 from St. Louis (?) to the coast. Loving the posts!



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