Day 79 – Feb 18 Mon.

Since I will be moving on tomorrow, it was laundry day and dump the tanks day.

I gave Ryder a treat ball because dogs aren’t allowed in that part of the park. So I knew I couldn’t leave him outside while I took the laundry down.

So I put him in the Create long with a big treat ball filled with peanut butter and treats and move him away from everything And this is what I came back to after being gone 15 minutes.

He had pulled the rug and the towel off the bench and pulled it through the cage and was ripping it to shreds.

Note to self: Move create out in the middle of the hallway.

I cleaned up the mess and then went back to put it in the dryer.

Hey was just staring at me and being a good boy when I got back.

So we are working on the separation anxiety.

Took him for a long walk and then he was OK.

Moving day tomorrow.

Happy trails.

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