Day 80 -Feb 19 Tues.

Moving day to another park. While in quartzsite at the RV show, I picked up a card that said 3 night stay at a luxury RV resort. I thought how bad could it be, so I called them and they said yes they had an opening from the 19th to the 22nd all free.

So I packed up the RV But 1st wanted to take Ryder to his 1st beach. So Lisa offered to ride along and show me where the beach was and after we parked we took him down to the water of the Colorado river.

I want her to take a picture of him for me since I have him on the leash. Before I knew it she tapped his butt and he went flying into the water and got him just as he was jumping up because he sure did not like the water.

Yes the Colorado river does make your butt look big.

After saying our goodbyes, Lisa walked back to the campground.

I went to a tire store in Yuma to have my tire pressure monitor system looked at since the one tire was reading 6.7 pounds of pressure.

They got me right in and filled up all the tires and we set up the monitor to Keep the alarms from going off every time it’s fluctuated from a pound or 2. I feel a lot better knowing that the tires have the correct amount of air in them.

Big shout out to Ed Whiteside Tire in Yuma Arizona!

I told Lisa about my successful trip to the tire shop and she said you should go to that little mission that you always pass and see what it’s all about. I said that’s a great idea. So I turned around and headed back to where I see the mission on the top of a hill.

The mission sits on the top of a hill on the California side by the Yuma Historic Correctional prison.

There’s a one lane bridge that goes across and I trust that the stoplight is telling the truth.

Turns out it is The Saint Thomas Indian church that a missionary had founded and befriended the Yuma Indians. When the government found out, they were mad and burned the Indian crops and torched their villages. The mission also burned and was restored by the Catholic Church and the Yuma Indian tribes and it is now their church that they hold mass on Saturdays and Sundays.

It was closed but is beautiful from the outside with its stained glass windows and statues on the grounds.

Bridge is pretty cool too.

Note the bullet hole in the sign.

Bridge over troubled waters.

Happy trails.

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