Day 82 -Feb 21 Thurs.

What a difference a day makes. Add a beautiful sunset last night and woke up to this. Cold and rain.

Good sewing day.

We are crammed on here like sardines.

Can’t wait until I get back to the desert where I can see the full sunset.

Not a bad RV park for 3 nights free stay. Yes I said Free. Got a coupon at the Quartzsite RV show.

Definitely worth the phone call.

I’ll be heading to Ajo Arizona next.

Not sure what there but I’ll check it out.😉

Happy trails.


  1. Loving the posts,Jan. I’ve been sewing and quilting a lot since January 1….and I’m frustrated with two quilts. I thought that I had enough fabric for the backs, but I am short! I am really pissed off about the second one, because it’s a crib quilt for my niece. I had to order more fabric on-line, and hope that it gets here by Saturday. Her baby shower is March 7, and I want to ship it to my sister before then.

    I decided not to sew today and started working on our itinerary for our trip out West this September. Our plan is to leave Port Clinton on September 1, and return September 22. We are going to be camping the first ten days (Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Laramie, WY), then we are going to stay at a resort in Breckenridge, Colorado for four nights (I have points that must be used or I will lose them).

    Chuck and I like to stay at state parks whenever possible. I am hoping that we stop at Missouri Star Quilt Company on the way home from Colorado.

    Hope you are doing well. I am so envious!

    I don’t know if you know this, but Jan McMahon Dillin, DeSales Class of 1967 passed away on February 11. She lived in Port Charlotte, Florida. She had an older sister from the Class of 1966, Dee. Jan was married to Charlie Dillin, who graduated from Westerville.



    1. My sister Lynne 66 did tell me about Jan McMahon. So sad.
      I use sheets for my quilt backs and never have to worry about fabric. This last one was a new queen size sheet in the exact color I wanted from Goodwill for 2.99. Ralph Lauren too. Nobody looks at the backs anyways! Ha
      Glad you are quilting glad you are planning your trip. Mt Rushmore has s night show at 430 that is really good but I think you have to get parking passes for it at the park. Check it before you go. The figures stand out more at dusk. Have fun.
      Weather has been cold here. Still 37 at night even in Yuma!


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