Day 86 – Feb 25 Monday

Still at Gunsight Wash. Woke up to find some big cat paw prints under the bed slide.

This Coyote must be have been curious.

Had a very big stride between the 2 prints. They trailed off into the sand/dirt That makes up the desert floor.

There are lots pretty little flowers out here that even violets.

They’ve had more rain this year than ever out in Arizona.

But ground absorbs it so quick that you never see a puddle.

It’s finally warming up in to be in the high 60s today maybe even 70. Low 50s at night. It’s been in the 30s and 40s. Glad I made that extra quilt.

I am kind of on a dead and rode off one of these little fingers in the wash. With no traffic. It is by Barry Goldwater a shooting range. So once in a while you will hear pop pops in the distance and you don’t know if it’s drug dealers or the military.

If it gets too close, all move lol

Happy trails.

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