Day 85 – Feb 24 Sunday

I made it to Gunsight Wash, outside Why, Arizona near Ajo Arizona. I was chasing the sunset because it sets early out here and it was going on 6 o’clock so I had barely enough time to see where the bushes were. The Sun was directly in my eyes and the washes are very narrow. I scratched up a little on the sides of the She Shed but nothing I can’t wash off.

It is pretty desolate out here but still a lot of campers who all speak English!

Everybody parks away from everybody else to have their own space which is kind of a golden camper rule.

It is BLM land that it bureau of land management and its free for 14 days.

There is no camp host so you don’t need a permit.

There is this welcoming sign:

Good to know! Ha

It is very safe here and lots of nice looking rigs.

There are rigs bigger than mine and I don’t know how they got back here cause I knocked a lot of stuff around in the camper.

Ryder rides in the crate because he hates the front seat and wants to head to the house area.

We tried it at Anzo Borrego state park. He c

He kept trying to get behind my back an the seat. So I held him down in the center console because he liked looking out the window, but I wouldn’t drive like that.

His thing is laying in the Sun.

Does this most of the day. He must be retired.

Happy trails.

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