Day 84 – Feb 23 Sat.

Where did February go?

Well I know where I went. I went to the Center of the Universe in Felicity, California. Yes, there is actually a place called Felicity California. Lol

Honestly, there is a place there that is a tribute to the center of the universe. It actually marks a dot on the ground under a granite Pyramid, that when you stand on it, and make a wish, you get a certificate at the exact moment that you made the wish and they hand you a paper certificate.

For $3 you can tour the granite facility that is made up of several granite pyramids coming out into an ikon shape. Very Egyptian looking.

They are in the process of constructing a Maze of Honor dedicated to the armed services.

On the side of each long Pyramid are walk ways that you can walk on read all the inscriptions along the granite Pyramid walls. There were walls of history of Arizona, California, history of human life, animals, Indians, the French, British and American wars.
You could spend all day reading the sides of the pyramids. They had a giant alpha omega medallion in the center.

The official center of the world that dot in the middle. This is where you would stand, cover the dot with you foot And make your wish.

It’s $2 to stand in the Pyramid, $3 to walk through the park. Total is $5 to see it all and go on the tour.

I thought was worth it.

After that I headed to Gunsight Wash in Why, AZ.

Know I know why. Ha

Happy trails.

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